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Why Choose National Billing?

There is no question that the use of medical billing programs and electronic claims has improved clinical efficiency, patient care and overall service by Medical practices. But while it is indisputable that having this technology benefits the doctor and the patient, many practices or hospitals still debate the merits of outsourcing their medical billing. But you are doctors and medical providers, not accountants, right? You did not go to college to learn about submitting and following up on medical claims, nor to be on the phone with insurance companies fighting to get a claim paid. That's where National Billing’s medical billing services along with our online practice management software can help. More and more physicians and other clinicians are turning to National Billing Institute's medical billing services to reduce costs and overhead while still maintaining high quality service and communication with their patients.

National Billing has clients across the United States and we have been in the medical billing business for more than 25 years. We provide services for many different types of medical practices, including; Urgent Care Centers, Physical Therapy, General Practice, Surgery, Gastroenterology, Home Health, Chiropractic, ENT, Dermatology, Mental Health, DME and more. We can work with any medical profession and our staff is comprised of expert billers and coders as well and our individual account representatives are familiar with your particular field. We will get your claims resolved quickly and efficiently, and everything about our medical billing services is 100 percent HIPAA compliant.

According to a recent study, nearly 25 percent of all medical practice income is lost due to under pricing, coding problems, missed charges or un-reimbursed claims. That can and does cost your practice thousands of dollars a year and with our services we help tackle all of those problems. Our services include free online practice management software, in which you can enter in the charges, schedule your patients and send the billing information directly to us. Our system eliminates errors and makes claim processing quicker and easier. If you don't believe us, call for a free online demonstration of our medical billing services and our online medical billing software. We also guarantee the best customer service in the industry. If you call, you will speak to a live representative. We only assign our clients a representative who specializes in your particular medical field. That way there is no miscommunication or technical misunderstandings. Simply put, National Billing can handle all of your billing needs for far cheaper and with more accuracy than doing your billing in house.

Each and every claim is “scrubbed” for accuracy - the same process that Medicare and insurance companies use. If any errors are detected, they are corrected before the claim is sent to the carrier. The patient record is updated with each claim submission, and at anytime you can see exactly what has happened to the claim, when it was submitted, when the insurance company received the claim, if it was or was not rejected, and if it was rejected or denied, why. In addition, a full review of all your outstanding accounts receivables is performed every 30 days. All of our software is the latest in the medical billing industry. If you are currently using medical billing software with another company and you are unsatisfied with them and want to switch, we can easily convert to ours at little or no additional cost.

You and your medical staff should be spending your time on patient care, not billing issues and problems. Let your office manager handle the marketing of your practice, patient care/relations and overall functionality of the practice. Leave the claim/billing functions and all of those billing headaches to us. Our services eliminate all of your medical billing overhead and all that paperwork taking up space in your office, not to mention eliminating your employee costs and you won’t have to worry anymore about employee turnover or absenteeism. With National Billing your practice is always fully staffed and working every day. If one of our employees is out sick, another one will handle your account and your billing will be done. If you are doing the billing in house, and your biller is out sick then your billing does not get done. Not to mention should you lose an employee you have to place an ad, interview prospects, discuss salary and benefits and the hire someone to replace that worker and hope they can do the job. With National Billing you don’t have to worry about employee turnover; your account will always have an employee to work your billing.

We do understand that some physicians like to have control over every facet of their practice. But we guarantee your satisfaction with our billing services, and of course you will maintain access to all your patient and billing records. You also have access to your financial and other reports right online with our software. At anytime you can run your aging reports, check to see how much you billed out the previous month or run many more reports. You don't lose control of your income - we help you increase it. Unlike many billing companies, we don't charge a per claim fee but just a small percentage – generally 6-8 percent of what we collect. If we don't collect on a claim, you don't pay, and we will beat all of our competitors' pricing. We also do not outsource our medical billing to foreign countries like many other companies have started to do, nor do our billers work from home. All of our billing professionals have been through secure background checks and are certified billers and/or coders and we ensure patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

So don't delay, call National Billing at 877-436-3894. Your practice can begin to see an increase in revenue and overall efficiency today with our full-service medical billing services.

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Questions you should ask
Other Billing
Is the software included
in the price?
Do you offer a Free EMR?
Are there customizable EMR Options?
Do you offer Electronic Patient Billing?
Do you handle patients' phone calls?
Is there a Toll-Free Number for Patients to call?
Do you take Patients' payments and post them?
Is your Staff courteous and knowledgeable in all aspects of handling, billing and calls?
Is your office located in the US?
Have you been in Business for 20+ Years
Is your office Multi-Lingual?
Do you charge a percentage of ONLY what you collect?
Do you work on my existing claims/ aging?
Are you HIPAA Compliant?
Do you provide a designated account manager?
Are all of your Billers Certified?
Do all Billers work in an Office?
Are your Billers allowed to work from home?
Do you train my staff for free?
Do you offer Webinars?
Is the billing system User-Friendly?
Is the billing system User-Friendly?
Is the billing system on a secure server?
Can i store Patient Documents Online?
Are the Documents stored on a secure server?
Do you offer an Integrated Scheduler?
Can you get me up and billing in Two Days?
Do you submit my claims within 24 hours of receipt?
Does the billing system check for coding errors?
Is your Staff available to answer any questions, I or my staff might have?
Does your staff manually check each claim for accuracy before submitting?
Does your staff help with coding?
Does your staff keep me informed on code changes and make suggestions?
Does your staff help with pricing to maximize my reiumbersment?
Do you work on any denials?
Do you appeal claims?
Does your staff fight the denials with state statues defending the claim?
Do you post all the payments (Patients & insurance)?
Does your staff inform me when codes are not paid due to information needed, such as additional notes?
Does your staff advise me when there is an underpayment?
Does system track contractual payments by insurance?
Do i have online access to all billing?
Can i run financial reports in realtime?
Can i run aging reports in realtime?
Is my financial data secure?
Is all data backed up regularly?
Do i have access to speak with top-level management?
Do you view your clients as business partners?
Do you review patient notes to ensure they match the billing?
Do you review and update the patient notes/templates to help meet medicare and insurance requirements?
Does your staff review all Medicare LCD and NCD’s to make sure providers are complying?
Do you recommend other possible treatments and/or procedures that an office may provide?
Do you update patient notes/templates if claims are denied due to lack of documentation?
Do you help if there is an insurance or medicare audit?

Top Reasons to choose National Billing

  1. National Billing is a one-stop, full service, practice management company, providing the practice with a comprehensive and cost effective solution to all of your billing needs. We personally take care of all your billing needs so you can take care of your patients’ needs.

  2. We are so confident in our services that we not only guarantee them in writing but we offer a money back guarantee that we will get your claims paid!

  3. All of our services are offered for one low rate. We do not have any hidden charges.

  4. Our services include FREE cloud based medical billing programs that allows you to enter in the charges, schedule your patients, and send the billing information directly to us in real-time. We also have 100% FREE EMR/EHR systems that you can choose from! Call for a free online demonstration of our software.

  5. We have been in business for over 18 years, and our staff is comprised of expert billers and certified coders. We know how to get your claims and paid quickly and efficiently.

  6. We do NOT outsource any work to foreign countries, nor do we allow our staff to work from home. Your data is kept secured in a HIPAA compliant office in the United States. We also ensure that all of our partners and vendors are HIPAA compliant.

  7. Our software and computer system have the latest in medical billing software and claims are sent out virtually error free. Each claim is scrubbed for accuracy with the same edits that Medicare and the insurance companies use to check for and errors and to meet the requirements for the codes. This scrubbing produces virtually error free claims that will ensure your claim gets paid and that all lines on the claim are paid and paid correctly!

  8. Your account is assigned to a representative that specializes in your medical field. This representative will answer all your questions regarding your account and give individual attention to your account.

  9. We offer a variety of reports for you to keep track of your billing, as well as many different financial reports.

  10. All claims are tracked and if a claim is not paid in 20 days from the date it was accepted by the insurance carrier it will be reviewed and followed up on! This means your aging is constantly being worked and no electronic claim goes more than 20 days without being followed up on by your biller.

  11. We have excellent, personalized customer service. Your calls are always answered by an account representative, not by voice mail. You can also speak to our client service manager or even the Founder and CEO at any time should the need arise. We understand your time is important and we work hard to try answering your questions the first time you call. What other billing company provides you direct access to the CEO?

  12. We do more than just submit your claims. We help you with the appropriate coding and pricing of your procedures. We review your insurance payments and procedure codes to ensure you are maximizing your reimbursement and guide you in ways to increase your reimbursement. We will identify areas in which changes can be made so you are getting the maximum reimbursement you are entitled to receive and our CEO will suggest new services you can offer to increase your revenue!

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