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Tired of Medical Billing Headaches?





If your practice uses a company that uses Offshore companies for outsourcing of your medical billing, Electronic Medical Records, Transcription or any PHI related data,

You are putting your entire practice at risk and could face fines into the millions of dollars! Don’t risk your entire life’s work to try and save a few percentage points on billing, it is a risk that is not worth taking!

Offshore Outsourcing may now cost a provider thousands of dollars for any HIPAA Violations!

Warning to providers that use one of the many big medical billing or EMR companies that outsource to foreign countries; you now are likely to be liable for large HIPAA penalties! (companies such as publicly traded Athena Health (ATHN) and E-clinical Works outsource PHI data to India and/or foreign countries.)  A new Supreme Court Rulings means that providers CAN NOT enforce HIPAA laws in foreign countries. Under the new HIPAA Omnibus rule, (9/23/2013) the providers are directly responsible for improper disclosures and breaches with any company you have a business associate agreement with including offshore processors. What this means is if a provider outsources his billing or EMR using an offshore company you as the provider will be responsible to pay any and all fines levied by HIPAA which could be a much as $10,000 per violation. Below there is an article about a company that outsourced to India and had over 32,000 medical records compromised which could end up costing the provider hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties!


Money back reimbursement

After nearly 20 years in business,we're so sure of our services, that we offer you a MONEY BACK REIMBURSEMENT GUARANTEE! If a claim is not paid and has to be written off due to a billing error that is the sole fault of National Billing or the fault of a National Billing employee then we will reimburse the client the amount that the claim would have paid the provider! 

Increase revenue by 20% and more!

  • Increase revenue by 20% and more!

  • National Billing provides cost effective medical billing services to medical providers nationwide and has been for over 25 years! At National Billing we know you need to get paid on every claim and paid correctly and timely! We don’t just submit your claims! We do all the following and more!

  • A+ rated Business

  • See our A+ BBB rating, our Google+ reviews, and testimonials from our incredible client base. Existing client referral? Call today!

We provide services for many different types of medical practices, including ...

  • Diagnostic Laboratories

  • Gene Testing Laboratories

  • Urgent Care Centers

  • Physical Therapy

  • General Practice

  • Surgery

  • Gastroenterology

  • Home Health

  • Chiropractic

  • ENT

  • Wound Care

  • Internal Medicine

  • Family Practice

  • Dermatology

  • Mental Health

  • DME

  • Pain Management


National Billing now offers a free telemedicine application to connect with patients.


See your patients over HIPAA-compliant video with full reimbursement - Simple telemedicine software that allows physicians and providers to connect with patients for routine appointments over secure video visit – and receive full reimbursement through private payers.  Kareo scheduling integration, plus billing and reimbursement tools. Boost patient satisfaction and practice efficiency, without increasing overhead costs. It is easy to use and patients may access the software via a smart phone or computer via a link that will be emailed to the patient. The program is through Chron Health and is HIPAA Compliant and syncs with our billing platform and eligibility checks are verified before the visit by the software.

Top Reasons to Choose National Billing

  • We DON’T outsource to any foreign country!

  • All billing is done in our HIPAA compliant office, no work is done from home

  • Owned and Operated in America

  • Your account is handled by a team of professional/certified billers

  • FREE cloud based access to our billing software for 100% transparency

  • FREE Electronic Medical Records programs

  • INSTANT patient eligibility checking in real time

  • Work every denial and appeal using claim statutes for each state

  • Post all your payments and make sure you are getting paid the correct rate

  • Answer all phone calls from patients and insurance companies

  • Review all coding to ensure you are coding properly

  • Review all office procedures to ensure you are billing for everything you do

  • Offer suggestions on ways to increase your business or new products or procedures to offer

  • Help set good financial policies so you are collecting all you can

  • Help with your medical forms and office procedures

  • Help with any coding questions

  • Free personalized training for your staff and providers for Kareo PM software and Kareo HR software


We work with any medical professional or type of provider, including DME!

Our staff is comprised of only expert billers and coders and your individual client account representative will have experience in your field. We will get all your claims resolved quickly and efficiently and we are 100% HIPAA compliant. We do not outsource any of our work to any other company, period! Nor do our billers work from home. We know your practice is your livelihood and as your partner we protect all your data and ensure it is safe and backed up continuously.


FREE EMR programs with our services...

...and we work with many other EMR providers:

  • OneTouchEMR
    (a low priced customizable alternative)

  • AmazingCharts

  • Practice Fusion-Free EMR, no hidden charges

  • Nexus (Cardiology, General Surgery)

  • Chiropractic Medicine

  • ElationEMR (Chronic Diseases)

  • ChartLogic (ENT)

  • Patagonia

  • Hellohealth

  • Vital Health

  • MD-IT

  • WebPT

  • Integrity

  • Care360

  • Vital Health

  • WebChart

  • Modernizing Medicine

60 days of FREE practice marketing when you become a client of National Billing

National Billing has teamed up with Kareo's DoctorBase solution to help your practice grow and be found on the internet all for free. The free marketing includes:

  1. Free optimization of your practice online profile so you rank higher in all search engines

  2. Automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your practice band online and connect with patients making it easy for patients to find you, choose you and keep coming back!

  3. Improve your online reputation, your visibility and improve your patient experience.

  4. A free landing page to help your practice be found by patients.

  5. Marketing coach to help you succeed and they will do the marketing work for you so you can treat patients!

  6. And more… today for a free consultation and review of your practice

FREE EMR Program & Training with our services

National Billing has teamed up with Kareo to provide 100% free EMR services including FREE training for you and your staff as well as an assigned success coach to work with you and your practice. Unlike the other EMR companies that tell you to watch a video to learn their system or pay thousands in training fees, National Billing provides FREE EMR services and training saving you time, headaches and money. If you currently have an EMR and are not happy, or the fees are going up every year, then call National Billing for a free demo of our EMR services. If you currently have an EMR, National Billing can integrate our billing system with almost every EMR and we don’t charge for our billing system, it is included with our services saving you thousands as you no longer have to pay for a Practice Management system!



...and we work with these and many other EMR providers:

  • KAREO’S Electronic Health Records *Our recommended EMR system. Easy to use, free training and support!

  • AmazingCharts

  • Practice Fusion-Free EMR, no hidden charges

  • Nexus (Cardiology, General Surgery)

  • Chiropractic Medicine

  • ElationEMR (Chronic Diseases)

  • ChartLogic (ENT)

  • Patagonia

  • Hellohealth

  • Vital Health

  • MD-IT

  • WebPT

  • Integrity (Ophthalmology)

  • Care360

  • Vital Health

  • WebChart

  • Modernizing Medicine (Dermatology)


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